Medicare For All

What is Medicare for All?

With all of the best insurance plans for seniors out there today one of the concepts that is often discussed by politicians is something they refer to as Medicare for all. But what is this and is it something that the people as a whole would want? Let us discuss the basics of what this, in theory, could mean.

Medicare for all is an idea of what would be called a single payer plan. While there is no idea to know exactly what it is and what it would cover, the basics are that the plan would be run by the government--not by private insurance companies.

Essentially, there would be a standard rate paid by everyone (with assistance possibly available to those who do not have the means to pay). Then, with this insurance program in place everyone would have access to the same level of healthcare. In some examples that have been posed, this insurance program would be directly tied into taxes so there wouldn’t be a separate premium that is paid each month.

The benefits to this are quickly visible as it means that everyone will have access to medical care that may not be available to them today. The possible drawbacks could be the costs in terms of tax revenue and the damage it could do to existing businesses such as insurance companies and agents. Some individuals would prefer not to have the government involved in these matters too. Only time will tell if this comes to pass or not.

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